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Get Involved

  1. Register for your level through the Online Record Book (ORB). Register Your Interest
  2. Complete electronic parent permission (if under 18) as part of your registration on the ORB.
  3. Email Validation by parent.
  4. (ALOYS ONLY) Complete SAC Participant Agreement Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Participant Agreement.
  5. Complete NSW Participant Award Plan
  6. Complete a Assessor Commencement Guide​ for each section of your Award - Service, Skill, Physical Skill, Adventurous Journey, (Residential Project - Gold only)
  7. Wait till you have been Approved as a Participant by the SAC Award Leader. Read the Participant APP or Participant Web User Guide to explain how to open up your ORB.
  8. Start your Duke of Ed Award and record your activities​.

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