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Interconnections are networks of trading, contact and connection. Interconnections these days are fueled by the ever growing technological advancements that are being produced these days.

The Internet has been a major proponent of Interconnections, which have been important to the idea of connecting with people on the other side of the world in real time. Containerisation has allowed deliveries to be performed quicker than usual, cutting down on costs and expanding international trading routes.

These sort of interconnections have allowed us to interconnect like never before. While interconnections are predominantly a good thing, they have also hurt us, with things such as expanding criminal activity from a domestic scale to an international scale, the result of tourism destroying the environment, and many more things.

Interconnections do not have to be international, in fact usually they are seen on a local scale. For example, you are interconnected with your community, with your local council serving as a hub, and with your local council connected to the state government which is connected to the federal government etc. etc.

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