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A majority of the project will be moving everything from Google Docs to Markdown format to host on this site. However, with finals approaching close and our lack of neccessity for learning about Roman numerals, migration to the new platform will be done from topics of most importance to topics of least importance. This also means that topic areas from previous years that don’t get covered now won’t be prioritised as much. Many study notes will only be migrated from Google Drive to Adrian Study Club as part of a long-term project in 2020.

Personally I wish we could organise the chapters into concepts. However, that would unnecessarily take a lot of time and the search function + chapter headings already detail something if you wanted to find it. We also seriously recommend using BBC Bitesize. If you’d like to volunteer to volunteer moving chapter headings into concepts (which requires merging Year 7 stuff with Year 9 stuff for example) please let me know. We might consider merging in the future but it isn’t high priority right now.

Also consider making your own written study notes as well. Most of this stuff is written in your workbooks/summary books and this just serves as a digital record of the work we do in class.

The roadmap allows us to keep track of what needs to be completed, what has already been completed and what is most important for completion. You can view each subject’s roadmap on it’s parent page. For example, for the Maths roadmap, you would click on the Maths parent page.

If you’d like to contribute and help out, please email me! If your school works from a different curriculum let me know too and we can make an arrangement to mutually benefit both schools!

Guide to labels

– It doesn’t require completion as it isn’t being tested on, it has already been completed in another topic, or for other reasons. Alternatively, the topic/chapter never had any work done on it, and if it was from 2017/2018 it probably won’t ever be completed. On the old Google Doc the term redundant means that it wasn’t finished by the time it was required and so we stopped working to finish it. Here, it has a different definition. **Note that for some chapters the redundant label won’t be used and they will just be left out of their corresponding subject’s roadmap entirely.

– The topic/chapter hasn’t been finished and isn’t being updated in the foreseeable future. Not to be confused with In-Progress.

– The topic/chapter is planned to be worked on sometime in the foreseeable future but hasn’t started yet.

– It’s important to be completed and will be prioritised first for completion.

– The topic/chapter is currently in-progress and is being actively worked on. Not to be confused with Incomplete.

– It has been finished locally but is yet to be uploaded to the website.

– The topic/chapter has been finished. It won’t be used on the Roadmap as it is substituted by the checked checkbox, but you’ll find it on individual pages.

- Content most likely applies to Aloys students only.

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