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Offline Copies

This guide assumes you have a basic understanding of Ruby development environments and Unix terminal commands

Some content like Cheat Sheets and Student-made Quizzes are downloadable as PDFs.

You also require the following dependencies:

If you’re on Mac, you might want to not affect the pre-installed system Ruby. You can use RVM to install multiple different versions of Ruby. You might also want to get Homebrew if you would like to make the process easier, but it isn’t neccessary.

  1. Use a different version of Ruby (optional):
    rvm list
     # shows all installed versions
    rvm use x.x.x
     # where x.x.x is the Ruby version number
    which ruby
     # confirms which Ruby version you are now using
  2. Clone the repository:
     # replace DIRECTORY-NAME with the directory where you want to store the contents
     # or leave empty for user root directory 
     # (i.e C:\Users\Adrian and Jacinta on Windows
     # and ~/Macintosh HD/Users/Adrian on Mac are your root directories)
    git clone
  3. Download the theme:
    cd study 
     # or replace 'study' with the name of your directory (if you have renamed it)
     # if you moved your directory under another folder, cd into that first
     # (i.e if you moved it under Documents, cd ~/Documents/study)
     # (i.e or if you renamed the folder to examstuff, cd ~/Documents/examstuff)
    gem install just-the-docs
  4. View it in your web browser:
    jekyll serve
     # or
    bundle exec jekyll serve

    then navigate to localhost:4000 in your preferred web browser.

  5. Get the latest version of the document
    git pull origin master

If you have no idea about what any of this means, please don’t try anything and email me instead.

Copyright © 2017-2020 aidswidjaja and other contributors. CC BY-SA 4.0 Australia unless otherwise stated.